Cinch Connectors

Innovative Interconnect Solutions Across the Globe

In operation since 1917, Cinch supplies high quality, high performance connectors and cables globally to the Aerospace, Military/Defense, Commercial Transportation, Oil & Gas, High End Computer, and other markets. We provide custom solutions with our creative, hands on engineering and end to end approach.

Our diverse product offerings include: connectors, enclosures and cable assemblies utilizing multiple contact technologies including copper and fiber optics. Our product engineering and development activities employ cutting edge technologies for design and modeling, and our various technologies and expertise enable us to deliver custom solutions and products for our strategic partnerships. We also serve a broad range of commercial markets, largely through our highly efficient distribution network.

We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations, and to continually provide innovative solutions to the rapidly changing needs of the markets, and customers, we serve.

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Cinch Connectors operates numerous manufacturing facilities throughout the world comprising approximately 500,000 square feet of state-of-the-art equipment.

Our core operations include fully automated computer controlled assembly adding competitive value, consistency, and reliability to the products we produce. Cinch molds numerous thermoset, thermoplastic, and elastomer compounds as well as stamping and forming of various copper based, and other, metal alloys utilizing high speed stamping presses designed to operate at speeds in excess of 1,000 strokes per minute.

In line with our commitment to Management Standards, a number of our facilities are certified to ISO 9001and/or AS-9100, and Cinch is qualified to a number of Industry and Customer Specifications as well.

Cinch is also committed to employing the latest in Lean Manufacturing and Cycle Time Reduction programs to deliver competitive pricing and on-time delivery performance to our customers.


ManufacturingHaving served customers for nearly a century, Cinch has grown from our beginnings as a producer of window shade hardware and curtain fasteners, to a supplier of highly sophisticated supplier of electrical interconnects. Our products are used in transmitters, receivers, aircraft fuel monitoring systems, and complex computer systems.

Since 1917, Cinch has continued to successfully meet the needs and expectations of the markets we serve because we listen to our customers, and provide reliable state-of-the-art products and solutions.

Meeting our customers’ expectations is no accident. The process begins with our rigorous product development process, which adheres closely to the APQP process adapted for all Cinch products. The most critical features of this process are:

  • Defining customer/marketplace needs and expectations
  • Empowerment of multi-functional development teams
  • Verification that designs and processes are capable
  • On-time product launch
  • Production follow-up

Cinch has initiated dock-to-stock programs with many major OEM’s, is qualified to many customer specific specifications, and over the years, improved our quality systems from MIL-Q-9858, to ISO 9001, AS-9100 and and the high reliability Mil Std, 790.

We are proud of our history of continual improvement, and are committed to continuous improvement to remain a dependable, innovative leader in the market place through measurement methods and delivering quality products. We believe our commitment to quality is evidenced by a century of customer satisfaction and look forward to the centuries to come.

The Cinch Connectors Product Line

CIN::APSE® Compression Interconnects D-Subminiature Dura-Con MIL-DTL-83513 Micro-D EMI Filter Connectors
Fiber/Actives/Optical Fuel Quantity Indicating Systems (FQIS) Hermetic Connectors I/O Connectors
MIL-DTL-26500, 5015, 26482 & Mil/Aero Circulars ModICE Enclosure Barriers/Jones/Edge