c-enx™ EN 4644 Modular Rectangular Connectors

EN 4644 Electrical Solutions & Fiber Interconnect

The c-enx™ series offers a wide range of solutions based on two insert sizes with a large variety of shells and contacts.  The series is standardized by the EN 4644 European Standard.

Available with Cinch EBOSA™ Expanded Beam Technology, expands and collimates the optical beam up to 2000 times the original beam size making airborne dirt nearly benign to beam continuity and integrity.

Our patented active alignment technology aligns a standard LC ferrule to Cinch’s EBOSA™ with ultra-high precision.  This results in insertion loss and reflectance performance that can exceed the specification for customer specific applications for expanded beam connectors.



c enx A 500 c enx B 500 c enx C 500


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