FQIS Service Bulletins

Fuel Quantity Indicating Systems

Service Bulletins

These website links contain Cinch Connectors, Inc. released Service Bulletins and documentation instructions necessary to support aircraft upgrades of applicable Fuel Quantity Indicating System (FQIS) wire harnesses.

a) Retrieve and print applicable Cinch Service Bulletins:


CN1036-28-01 Fuel Quantity Indicating System, Out-Tank Densitometer Wire Harnesses Hot Short Protection (HSP) Harness Upgrade/Replacement for Center Tank & Horizontal Stabilizer Tank

  • Models: 747-400 and 747-400ER


CN1156-28-02 Fuel Quantity Indicating System Out-Tank Harnesses Backshell to Lightning Shield Assembly Upgrade/Replacement

  • Models: 767-200, 767-300, and 767-300F


b) Airline data entry required for continuation of warranty documentation applicable to upgrades preformed in accordance with Cinch Service Bulletins:


Upgrade Notification Card Airline Data required in support of Cinch Service Bulletin CN1036-28-01


Information Request Card Airline Data required in support of Cinch Service Bulletin CN1156-28-02

  • Please select and download the appropriate aircraft service bulletin.
  • Once the upgrade has been completed:
    1. Click on the applicable warranty documentation response link
    2. Enter the required information
    3. Click on the submit tab