Hermetic Connectors

Cinch's Hermetic Connector Technology & Capabilities

Cinch Connectivity Solutions specializes in the science of hermetic sealing design and manufacturing. Our product engineering and development activities employ cutting edge technologies, and our various technologies and expertise enable us to deliver the right solutions and products to meet your application needs.

Advanced technology and performance.

Cinch’s exclusive ceramic dielectric material is a core technology used in the production of our advanced connector line, setting new performance standards and displacing the traditional methods of glass to ferrous alloy sealing. Our multiphase devitrified ceramic compound is used as a direct replacement for glass. When fused to copper alloy or stainless steel contacts, the seals provide superior hermetic reliability in harsh environments that would simply destroy competing products. Our advanced processes join dissimilar metals through explosion welding, vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding and laser welding. This core manufacturing technology strengthens weak points within an assembly by eliminating solder joints while providing the ability to customize physical properties such as thermal conductivity, weight, stiffness or expansion rate. Cinch delivers high performance hermetic assemblies from materials not often supplied by others in the industry, allowing us to provide unrivaled performance and reliability.

Our Product Offering Includes:

  • Aluminum Weldable Stabilizer Series, RF Feedthroughs
  • Dual Lobe Nano-Miniature Connector
  • Micro-D Connectors, MIL-DTL-83513 with Exclusive Ceramic Dielectric Material
  • UHV Vacuum Products
  • Micro-D, Dura-Con Hermetic Compound Connectors, MIL-DTL-83513
  • Micro-D, Dura-Con Hermetic Compound Connectors, MIL-DTL-83513
  • Fibreco, Hermetic expanded beam connectors

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