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Card Guides:

Card guide for .100" (2.54mm) and .156" (3.96mm) density edge connectors. Accepts .062" (1.59mm) thick PC boards. Card guides attach to mounting ears and guide printed circuit board into connector. Order separately.

Material: Polypropylene

Part No. 50-GP-1 (Green)

Part No. 50-GP-1B (Black)


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Polarizing Keys


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Polarizing Keys Ordering Information

Description Connector Family Material Style Catalog No.
Between-contact type .156" Cellulose acetate B 50-PK
In-contact type .156" Thermoset plastic B 50-PK1
Between-contact type .156" Glass epoxy A 50-PK2
Between-contact type .156" Glass epoxy D 50-PK2M
Between-contact type .100" Glass-filled nylon C 50-PK3
In-contact type .156" Thermoplastic B 50-PK4