Vertical Mount Compliant Pin All-Plastic & Metal Shell

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Vertical-mount Miniature Ribbon connectors provide I/O directly from printed circuit boards, where the mating face of the connector is in a plane parallel to that of the board.

Compliant-pin connectors terminate without solder to plated-through holes in printed circuit boards. The tail conforms to the hole, providing a gas-tight termination without damaging the plating in the printed circuit board.

The seating cover acts as an insertion tool fixture, and must be left in place until the connector is installed on the pcb. It may also be left on after insertion to serve as a dust cover to protect the connector from contamination.

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Straight Compliant Pin for solderless termination to printed circuit board.

  • All-plastic design reduces cost. Metal Shell also available where indicated for improved shielding.
  • Available in plug and socket styles in 50, and 64 position sizes.
  • All plugs lock with InstaLatch passive latch feature for automatic latching. Sockets available with InstaLatches, with Bail Latches where indicated, or with no latches.
  • Available with through holes or with #4-40 holes for mounting/latching.
  • Includes Seating Cover that allows for flat-rock insertion and serves as dust cover after insertion.
  • UL Recognized – Files E170218 (UL1977), E130965 (UL1863).
  • CSA Approved – File LR31996-7.


  • Insulator and Seating Cover: Gray UL94V-0 rated glass-filled polyester
  • Contact: Phosphor bronze
  • Contact Plating: Select gold over 50µin. select nickel standard. 30µin. select gold over 50µin. select nickel available where indicated. Gold flash in termination area
  • Shell (Metal Shell Version Only): Steel
  • Shell Plating (Metal Shell Version Only): Tin


  • Durability: 200 mating/unmating cycles
  • Mating / Unmating Forces:
  Mating Force (max.) Unmating Force (min.)
  with InstaLatches without InstaLatches
Size Lb. Kg Lb. Kg
50 32 14.52 7 3.18
64 37 16.78 8 3.63

Connector/PCB Insertion Force (maximum): 25 lbs (12.3Kg) per contact
Connector/PCB Retention Force: 5 lb. (2.44Kg) per contact (minimum, without mounting hardware)


  • Voltage Rating: 500 VAC @ sea level; 125 VAC @ 70,000 ft.
  • Withstanding Voltage: 1200 VAC RMS @ sea level, per EIA Std. RS364, TP20
  • Contact Rating: 5 Amps (4 Amps per CSA)
  • Contact Resistance: 6 milliohms maximum, per EIA Std. RS364, TP6
  • Insulation Resistance: 5000 Megohms minimum initial. 1000 Megohms minimum after moisture


  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +105°C
  • Shock: 50G Peak, per EIA Std. RS364, TP27, Condition A
  • Vibration: 3 cycles @ 10-55Hz in each of 3 axes per EIA Std. 364, TP28, Condition A
  • Moisture Resistance: Per EIA Std. RS364, TP31, Condition B, with Step 7B excluded

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Part Numbers

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All-Plastic Plug, InstaLatching

Mount Size Commercial 30Au/Ni
.125 Hole 50 DB_PART_NUMBER(5938) DB_PART_NUMBER(5939)
.125 Hole 64 DB_PART_NUMBER(5940) DB_PART_NUMBER(5941)
#4-40 Hole 50 DB_PART_NUMBER(5942) DB_PART_NUMBER(5943)
#4-40 Hole 64 DB_PART_NUMBER(5944) DB_PART_NUMBER(5945)

All-Plastic Plug, InstaLatching

Mount Size Commercial 30Au/Ni
.125 Hole 50 97-CP-50 97-CP-50A
.125 Hole 64 97-CP-64 97-CP-64A
#4-40 Hole 50 97-CP-50T 97-CP-50TA
#4-40 Hole 64 97-CP-64T 97-CP-64TA

Metal Shell Socket, with InstaLatches

  Commercial 30Au/Ni
Conductive Standoff with .120 Hole 50 57-CSI-50 57-CSI-50A

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  A B C
Size in mm in mm in mm
14 1.745 44.32 1.417 35.99 .625 15.88
24 2.170 55.12 1.842 46.79 1.050 26.67
36 2.680 68.07 2.352 59.74 1.560 39.62
50 3.275 83.19 2.947 74.85 2.155 54.74
64 3.875 98.43 3.542 89.97 2.750 69.85

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