5G and IoT

Leading the 5G Future
5G is transforming industries, enabling new applications, and accelerating the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) with its fast speeds, low latency, and high bandwidth.
At Cinch, we're at the forefront of the 5G revolution, empowering rapid-speed communication and IoT connectivity with our reliable interconnect solutions.
SMP3 Adapter Assembly

5G Applications

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Backhaul Solutions
Cell Tower Connectivity
Data Center Connectivity
Fiber Optic Interconnect

High-Frequency Communications

Antenna Interconnect
RF Cables and Adapters
RF Coaxial Connectors
Test and Measurement Interconnect

Mobile Devices

IoT Device Connectivity
Mobile Device Manufacturing
Smartphone Connectors
Tablet Interconnect

Industrial Automation

Control System Interconnect
Data Acqusition Solutions
Industrial Network Connectivity
IoT Sensor Connectivity

Building IoT Ecosystems

High Speed

5G networks will offer peak speeds of 20 Gb/s download and 10 Gb/s upload, that’s around 10 times faster than 4G.

Low Latency

5G networks will reduce latency to 1 ms, compared to 50 ms for 4G networks, enabling entirely new mobile applications in the Internet of Everything.

Spectral Efficiency

5G networks are expected to increase spectral efficiency to 30 bit/s/Hz, more than twice the efficiency of 4G. Device density will rise from 100,000 per km2 for 4G to 1 million per km2 for 5G.

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