Designed for Defense
For over 60 years, Cinch has been providing highly reliable interconnect solutions for defense applications. We design, manufacture, and test our rugged products and solutions to meet the tough environmental and operational demands with a focus on supporting the advancing technology of the military of today into tomorrow. To meet our customers’ evolving needs, we design our connectors and cable assemblies optimizing size, weight, power, and speed (SWaPS).
MS24265R Single-Hole Mount Receptacle Connector

Defense Applications

Aircraft and Avionics

Aircraft Power Distribution
Aircraft Wiring and Harnesses
Avionics Connectivity
Cockpit Electronics

Autonomous Vehicles

Communication Systems
Payload Interfacing
Remote Sensing & Data Transmission
Tactical Data Links
UAV/UAS Interconnects

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Countermeasures
Electronic Warfare Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM)
EW Simulation and Training
Jamming Systems

Ground Vehicles

Armored Vehicle Interconnects
Command and Control Systems
Communication Equipment
Vehicle Power Distribution
Vehicle Wiring and Harnesses


Airborne Radar Systems
Ground-Based Radar Stations
Radar Antenna Interconnects
Radar Data Transmission
Radar Signal Processing
Radar Warning Receivers

Secure Communications

Encryption and Data Security
Fiber Optic Connectivity
Radio Frequency (RF) Interconnects
Secure Satellite Communication
Tactical Data Links

Defense-Grade Products

Our Mil-Spec qualified products, including products that are on the Qualified Parts List (QPL), are tested to meet the rigorous requirements of the defense industry. We offer an extensive portfolio that supports a vast range of application types with rugged interconnect solutions that will perform in the harshest environments.
  • MIL-DTL-26482
  • MIL-DTL-38999
  • MIL-C-26500
  • MIL-C-83723
  • MIL-DTL-39030
  • MIL-DTL-3933

Get Defense Ready

Our integrated team ensures streamlined, highly responsive support for your application needs, delivering quality products for long-lasting performance and expert assistance in identifying the best solutions for your applications.