Harsh Environment

Reliability When It Matters Most
As a time-tested industry leader, we specialize in providing innovative and durable interconnect solutions for harsh environments in a variety of industrial applications, including manufacturing, oil & gas, and downhole drilling.
Our broad range of rugged interconnect solutions, including MIL-STD and space-grade products, are designed to withstand the most challenging conditions.
MD801 Plug

Harsh Environment Applications


Biogas Production
Geothermal Wells
Hydropower Facilities
Offshore Oil & Gas Production
Power Generation & Distribution
Renewable Energy Production


Chemical Processing
Food and Beverage Processing
Petrochemical Processing
Powder Processing
Spray Painting and Coating Booths
Welding & Metalworking
Woodworking & Paper Manufacturing

Waste Management

Anaerobic Digestion Facilities
Landfill Management
Landfill Monitoring
Recycling Operations
Research and Development
Water Waste Treatment
Waste Removal

Medical / Pharmaceutical

Anesthesia Equipment
Battery Charging Stations
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
Imaging & Diagnostic Equipment
Mobile Medical Units
Respiratory Therapy Equipment
Sterilization & Disinfection Equipment


Battery Charging Stations
Biogas Production
Grain Handling and Processing
Chemical and Pesticide Application
Greenhouse Environments
Irrigation and Pumping Systems
Poultry and Livestock Housing

IP67 and IP68 Rated Connectors

Cinch has a wide range of product that are tested and rated to withstand environments with dust, liquid, vibration, and extreme temperatures ensuring product performance in rugged environments. Our line of SealJack™ connectors and cable assemblies were designed for reliability with a sealed housing or shell design to protect against outside elements and moisture and are rated IP67 for applications per IEC 60529.

Our waterproof SMA and TNC interconnects meet industry-leading IP68 standards and were designed with internal gaskets and outer gaskets making them waterproof in unmated conditions and underwater applications.

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